Nutrition Counseling

Designed to help you create life-long healthy eating habits that provide the right balance of energy and nutrients - with a special focus on optimizing intake of antioxidants and phytonutrients (health-protective compounds found in plants) from foods that taste great. 


As a registered dietitian I am uniquely qualified to help you reach your health goals, whether the goal is to reduce the risks and complications of chronic disease, or to simply learn how to lead a healthier, more sustainable, plant-based lifestyle. With expertly crafted and individualized nutrition recommendations, services are entirely customized to each individual - taking lifestyle, medical history, and personal preferences into consideration. 


In addition to reducing the risk of and lessening complications caused by chronic disease, common side effects of good nutrition Include: 


  • Healthy Weight

  • Increased energy and sense of wellbeing

  • Improved Digestion

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

  • Slower signs of aging 

  • Mental clarity and improved mood

  • And More!


Initial Consultation: (60 mins)

Individualized nutrition counseling based on your personal goals, medical history, lifestyle, and food preferences. Together we will create a custom eating plan that will enable you to eat your best without sacrificing on flavor. Nutrition recommendations and meal prep coaching are included. Click Here to Schedule

Supermarket Field Trip: (allow 75 mins)

An interactive tour, specifically planned based on your initial assessment, the supermarket offers a perfect environment learn how to build a balanced meal. Learn to decode food labels and compare products. An excellent way to talk to kids and teens about food choices! My favorite way to teach! Click Here to Schedule

Follow-Up Sessions: (30 mins)

"Diets" don't work, but healthy habits last a lifetime. Creating a healthier lifestyle takes time and commitment, make it easier with ongoing support from your registered dietitian. With expert guidance and creative solutions, Emily will keep you motivated and inspired to invest in your long-term health. Click Here to Schedule

6 week Meal Transformation Program

Initial Consultation is required as a prerequisite to this program

A unique program serving-up a delicious variety of health-promoting foods, without sacrificing on taste. Upon completion, you will have developed your own collection of superfood recipes, customized to your lifestyle, cooking skills, and preferences, slowly introduced over a period of 6 weeks. At the end of the program, you will have 2 weeks-worth of simple, but wow-worthy superfood meals and snacks that you will be able to re-create again and again. Click Here to Schedule


- 2, 30 min follow-up sessions as well as weekly engagement conveniently available via online or mobile app.

- Tips and tricks to make meal prep a breeze 

- A weekly ingredient list for your new recipes


Each Week You Will Receive

   - 1 new breakfast recipe 

   - 2 new superfood dinners, that can be repurposed for the next day's lunch 

   - 2 new snack inspirations

    +3 bonus 'treats' recipes - because a diet without treats is not a healthy diet at all! 

Maintenance Plan:  

For those who have reached their goals via individual sessions, group classes, or have graduated from the 6 week transformation, but would like continued support with new recipes and weekly engagement with Emily, managed online or via mobile app. Click Here to Schedule